Our Clients are our partners

Retail Plaza and Stores

Painting retail stores require a careful combination of design sensibilities and business practicality. With many years of experience in retail painting projects, Paintagon is guaranteed to deliver quality work while keeping your costs under control.

Underground Parking Garages

We always recommend using white as the primary colour for any underground parking garage project. The reflective qualities of a white coat of paint can lighten and brighten an otherwise dark garage while saving property management thousands of dollars in additional light fixtures. An open, well-lit garage is also more aesthetically pleasing for both building residents and visitors, along with prospective clients looking to rent a parking spot. This approach makes it easier to keep underground garages clean (via a well-painted surface) while reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Warehouses, Factories and Industrial Buildings

Industrial painting projects require expert painting contractors utilizing the latest advances in painting technology and equipment. We have several high-volume paint guns at our disposal to cover large industrial areas, along with a wide selection of paint-coating products and techniques to ensure an inviting and vibrant commercial space.

Doctor’s Offices, Medical Clinics and Laboratories

Medical offices and medical examination rooms should be immaculate, comforting both patients and staff with an aesthetic that promotes warmth and calmness. Light, calming paint colours such as blues, greens and violets can be used in conjunction with white or off-white walls, putting your patients at ease. We also use Zero-VOC paints to ensure the safety of all staff and patients.

Office Buildings and Condominiums

Maintaining the cleanliness of an office is essential to maximizing workplace productivity. For this reason, white and other light paint colours are typically used when painting an office, to create a fresh, clean and focused environment. Paintagon’s experienced commercial painters work with detail-oriented design experts to create the best colour pallets for a positive work environment. We’ll also ‘work around’ your daily schedule to minimize any inconvenience to your staff or tenants.

Lobbies and Reception Areas

Using warm paint colours when painting a front desk area or a hall will help make your guests feel welcomed. Accent walls can enhance the style of your space to make a more compelling and memorable impression on visitors and potential clients. Our team of experienced commercial painters has successfully completed the lobbies of many upscale establishments across Toronto, ensuring that they continue to leave a positive mark on anyone who enters.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy resins help prolong the life of your commercial or industrial surface by protecting it from external factors such as heat, chemicals, extreme weather and daily wear. We can customize a combination of epoxy resins to suit the specific needs of your property. Paintagon can also help you choose suitable coatings, which will help secure and increase the lifespan of your property space. From years of experience, we consider this service essential for all warehouse floors, ceramic floors and parking garages.

Food Processing Plants

The importance of cleanliness and adherence to product and employee safety regulations in these environments cannot be overestimated. To put in bluntly, these spaces must be immaculate. And it’s crucially important to differentiate between what’s ‘hygienic’ and what is ‘food safe.’ Our team is familiar with the various types of food-safe paints and coatings, including antibacterial products, and will work closely with your staff to ensure that all government and industry food-safety and related regulations are strictly met. In addition, we’ll do what’s necessary to prepare your plant so your operation will pass all government inspections and be in full compliance – so there are no work stoppages or production-line interruptions. Because being a real ‘partner’ involves must more than just painting and repairs!